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Photo: Christian Hatt

Carl Høgset 3.11.1941 – 2.6.2021

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of our dear conductor Carl on June 2nd. Carl led Grex Vocalis from the very start in 1971 until the choir’s magnificent final concert in 2019.

During Carl’s leadership he built up an ensemble with a unique sound and musical understanding. He formed strong friendships and a close sense of community, leading the choir to experiences and adventures that have enriched all of our lives.

We, the members of the Grex family, will miss him deeply, yet we are proud and grateful to have had him as our musical mentor and close friend.

Grex Vocalis, June 2021


Grex Vocalis have been one of the preeminent choirs of Norway.
Grex Vocalis performed a vast repertoire of music in a wide range of genres.

The choir had its final concert in Oslo Opera House the 22nd September 2019